Ages 18+
LUEWWD XVII at Motorco Music Hall


How it works:

- 8 contestants find 4 friends to make their entourage, and they all dress up in a themed costume

- On the day of the event, the entourage moves through the crowd heckling for ‘votes’ (aka. MONEY!) from the audience

- Contestants arm-wrestle 3 rounds in a tournament style bracket to become the LUEWWD Champion

- The contestant raising the most money is awarded Madame Moneymaker

- Judges pick the contestant and entourage with the best costume/character and deem her Durham Diva

- Contestants who do not win their first match are entered into the Loser’s Bracket to compete for the Queen of the Losers title

- Most of the time the crowd gets bold and offers money for a chance to arm wrestle contestants, judges, their friends, spouses, etc. Since the point of the event is to raise money we certainly encourage this behavior…but we’re not cheap!

- All proceeds are donated to local organizations who serve women and girls


LUEWWD stands for League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham. LUEWWD strives to improve opportunities for women and girls through hosting creative community-based women’s arm wrestling competitions to raise funds for organizations supporting women and girls in Durham.

How we got started:

Like every good idea this one was marinated in Bourbon and cooked around a dinner table. In March of 2010 Dirty (aka Diana) had been skimming the Washington Post and stumbled across an article about women’s arm-wrestling tournaments that were raising funds for local non-profits. By the end of the evening we had 6 board members ready to take the Bull City by the horns. And since then, you’ve helped us raise more than $90,000 for charity!