Periodic Tables: One Giant Leap: 50 Years of Apollo
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Duke Science & Society presents  Periodic Tables: One Giant Leap: 50 Years of Apollo

DESCRIPTION: In 1969, we did the impossible--humans landed on the moon and returned safely to earth. As the 50th anniversary year of the first moon landing draws to a close, join us for an evening of pictures and stories from Project Apollo. We will examine key moments of each mission from Apollo 1 to Apollo 17. The program is appropriate for all ages of people interested in learning more about humanity's first trips to the moon!

Featuring, Tina Coyne-Smith, a stargazer and space historian who was born just after Apollo 9 proved the success of the lunar module. Tina serves as a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador who is tasked with telling NASA’s stories.

PERFORMER: Tina Coyne-Smith

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Periodic Tables is an informal science gathering during which invited speakers share interesting, relevant science to the general public in an engaging and interactive way.