The LL Orchestra Presenting Stop Making Sense

The LL Orchestra Presenting Stop Making Sense

Curtis Eller, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern

Sun Jun 10

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8 in advance, $10 at the door

This event is all ages

The LL Orchestra Presenting Stop Making Sense
The LL Orchestra Presenting Stop Making Sense
The LL Orchestra is a group of professional musicians and artists from central NC led by LOUIS LANDRY. They play LL’s original material which runs the gamut on styles & genres. As part of his residency at Mystery Brewing Co in Hillsborough, they also present tribute shows of full classic rock albums, starting with Dark Side of the Moon in 2016. “Stop Making Sense” has proven to be the one of the most successful of these Classic Album Hoot Nites. For this show, they will be performing the Talking Heads live concert album "Stop Making Sense." With costumes. And dancing. And jogging. Lots of jogging.

Jaybird Oberski is a director, designer and performer, founding member of LGP, and a professor of theater at Duke University.

Dana Marks is a vocalist, actor, instructor, founding member of LGP, and a member of The American Circus and The Bipeds. She recently starred in “The Master Builder.”

Luis Rodriguez is a guitarist, bassist, trumpeter, member of 6 String Drag and The LL Orchestra, and a local band director.

Jessica Flemming is an actor, vocalist, theater pro and entrepreneur. She recently appeared in Manbites Dog’s production of “The Moors”.

Bassist Hugh Crumley and vocalist Anastasia Maddox are founding members of Huzzah and The Eno Islanders. Both also perform regularly with The Wiley Fosters, The Berlin Brothers and The LL Orchestra; and performed in Rubber Peacock 1 and 2. Crumley is also the bassist for Curtis Eller’s American Circus.

Louis Landry is a musician, instructor, bandleader of The LL Orchestra, musical director for recent LGP and Duke theater shows including Lake Placcid, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well, Maccountant, The Piano has Been Drinking, and Paris 76. He has performed with The American Circus, Wiley Fosters, Ironing Board Sam, The Invincible Czars and The Duke Ellington Orchestra.

DJ Mr Dr will be spinning and our new friend Mary Prankster will be adding synthesizer skills.

Shady Darling is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader. She has performed and recorded with Curtis Eller’s American Circus, The LL Orchestra, The VaudeVillain Revue, and most recently, Shady Darling & The Velvet Curtain. She also contributed an installment for “This is Not a Novel.”
Curtis Eller
Curtis Eller
Curtis Eller's American Circus is a brutish, inelegant rock & roll outfit specializing in gospel music for atheists and dance fads for amputees. Eller's banjo driven compositions describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. Past recordings have seen a ghastly parade of historical luminaries, from Abraham Lincoln and Buster Keaton to Amelia Earhart and Joe Louis, sharing the spotlight with a host of Civil War generals and corrupt 19th century politicians.

The group’s latest phonographic recording, How to Make It in Hollywood, is a collection of glittery show tunes, sentimental tear-jerkers and rock & roll rave-ups whose lyrics are populated with two-bit prize fighters, Hollywood has-beens, lapsed gospel singers and forgotten pop stars. Lace up your dancing shoes!
Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern
Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern
The Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is a nonprofit theatre company that has been bringing provocative work to Triangle audiences since 2005. Our model is experimental but accessible, strange and dreamlike but familiar and immediate. Little Green Pig is dedicated to Enlightenment values: exploration of imagination, questioning traditional ideas and subjecting our work to the light of Reason.

Approaches include:

- using humor as a tool in tragedy and vice versa
- instilling all work with a palpable sense of drive
and edge
- nontraditional casting whether by gender or race and a subsequent exploration of both
- deconstruction and "violation" of sacred texts while maintaining plot and character
- breaking barriers in the depiction of the erotic and the violent
respect for the artist's time and talent
- environmental staging in unexpected locations
using texts created or adapted by local playwrights juxtaposed with re-imagined classics
- commitment to race and gender equity on all levels of participation
- inclusion of disabled audience and artists

Little Green Pig's name is a reference to the play The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. A pig in one of the play's stories chooses to remain green despite pressure from his pink contemporaries.